About the YaS Store...

This store is brought to you by the same people who created the "Yes, a Stripper Podcast".


    Not too long ago now, there were pole dancers who never were strippers, using #NotaStripper on social media platforms. Well, strippers found that offensive, especially because some pole dancers have been trying for years to distance pole dancing from stripping. But that's impossible due to the fact that strippers are the creators of pole dancing. Soon after the discovery of this divisive hashtag, some strippers starting using #YesaStripper. It was the inspiration for the name of the podcast, and now, the name of this store.


    The "Yes, a Stripper Podcast" was very successful, in that we had a lot of guests, inquiries and over 115 episodes recorded. And more coming as time goes on! The idea of the store is to find ways to spread the word about the content of the podcast, to raise money to share with hosts, guests and our producer and to raise and share money with other stripper and sex worker activists and charitable projects. A portion of sales will be shared with a different group each quarter.


    It's me, AMD. I'm the store admin. But honestly, the vision is to grow this and to be able to hire people to run it in the future. The question I have is, how do we all have ownership? The idea is for this to be a community space, and I'm learning as this thing grows.


    If you're a stripper or other sex worker, and want to be involved in our store, send us an email. We are always looking for projects and/or groups to share proceeds with. We also are looking to collaborate with other artists. Think of this store almost like an Etsy, but for sex workers specifically.