For Strippers, Polers and Stripper Fans

Designs by strippers and sex workers


YaS Clothing

Hoodies, dresses, and t-shirts, oh my! Represent stripper culture with unique designs from and about strippers you love.

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YaS Mugs

Mugs are the best! Drink your coffee (or wine lol) in these stripper style mugs.

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Phone cases, pins, and pillows (and more things coming soon!)

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Yes, a Stripper Podcast

Yes, a Stripper Podcast has over 100 episodes recorded and counting! You'll hear about strippers work environments, the triumphs and challenges of being a stripper/sex worker and their every day lives in and out of the club. Check out our podcast, with your hosts Onyx Sachi, GiGi Holliday, Daisy Ducati, and AM Davies. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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