Content Sharing

These are our suggestions to make the best looking content, even with just your phone.


For photos and video

  • If you don’t have colored lighting, take photos with a clean background
    • Take a photo in front of a clean space, like a blank wall, that is contrasting to the color you are wearing. (Don’t wear a white shirt in front of a white wall)

This is an example of how your pic(s) will be edited if you photog in front of a clean background.


  • If you do have colored lighting (purple and pink) then have an interesting background (strip club, pole studio or room, brick wall, art wall, ect)

This is an example of a pic that would fit the description above.


  • Make sure you have light in front of you not behind you
  • If there is a light behind you it should be an accent light, like a low lamp or an LED light, pointing down on you but behind you, or on the floor coming up, also behind you. 


    • Examples go here


  • Product should be visible and well lit
  • When doing photos, don’t use the live setting
  • Make sure your lens is clean
  • You can leave your face or head out if you prefer


For Video

  • Examples go here
  • You can vamp/dance around for like 10-15 seconds focus of the products
  • Then 10-15 seconds being cute, don’t worry about product focus for this part
    • Move around the pole with item on if applicable
    • Floor work
    • Chair work
    • On stage
    • Rolling around in bed
    • Making food
    • Ect… Whatever makes you feel cute.
  • Film vertically, please
  • Make sure you have more space at the bottom than at the top (remember that text on reels posts cover a portion of the bottom of the video)
  • If you pink and purple light, that’s great. If not, just have a clean background.
  • Also use warm lighting no matter what.
  • Make the product can be seen visibly
  • You can also do a series of Live Photos as a form of video content